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Mack Vann

What People Say About Creek Bottom Home!

"Your stories were deliciously full of drama and interest. You told them as if it were possible to be there, ourselves."

United Way Directors Association-Sharon Darty, President

“I’m 81 and I loved it. Read it through twice and will probably read it again. It’s like Reader’s Digest. You pick it up, and you can’t set it back down.”

Lucille Smith-Hillsboro, Alabama

"Everyone at the Study Club meeting agreed that you started our season with wit, fun, suspense and pure pleasure! We are forever in your debt for an enjoyable evening of story telling. Spirit came into our meeting like an unexpected guest but will remain in spirit with us for many seasons to come. The story was uplifting, and we will remember you the next time we see a Blue Balloon.

Gurley Study Club-Alberta Babcock, President

"You certainly were a great "hit" at our State Convention. Everyone enjoyed you so much."

American Association of University Women-Elaine Eyer, Co-Chair

"We look forward to recording more of your work and to hearing you on SUNDIAL. As the Hunstville Times pointed out, you certainly are a natural storyteller."

WLRH Publisc Radio, SUNDIAL-Judy Watters

"Words that came to me from our members after our Senior meeting yesterday were 'great program, wonderful program, funny stories.'"

Weatherly Baptist Senior Group-Millie Byram, Program Chair

"Thanks for making the 2000 Fall Sorgham and Harvest Festival a worth-while experience for all who came."

Burritt on the Mountain-Crystal Lavender Kitchens-Volunteer Coordinator

"I liked your stories."

Hampton Cove Elementary-Ali Hays, Second Grade

"Mack thank you for the CD Walk in the Woods. Your work is a classic! You are a master storyteller. I loved the squirrel hunt stories, as I have and do squirrel hunt. Kay and I want to purchase copies for famliy and friends when you have them for sale. Good Job!!"

Bob Stegall-Florence, AL  


Creek Bottom Home, the book, and Creek Bottom Home story CDs are available at State Parks and directly from the author by clicking here. To know more about Mack Vann and Creek Bottom Home click here.

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