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I am a storyteller, an author, a writer, I do what I do. Spirit does more, reminding and whispering what hearts are hungry to hear. My message is love. My tools are words and their delivery. I speak to the mystery, the magic, the wonder of life as told from the perspective of a child.

By Spirit’s leave, I can tell a story of innocence and wonder, of mystery and love, a story allowing Spirit to whisper in the heart of another: “Remember?”

Remember what, you ask? The sacredness of love, the sacredness of commitment, the sacredness of who we each are. Listening to the story, each hearer will hear Spirit whisper: “Remember who you are, your purpose, whom you serve.”

I can tell a second story, even a third story, stories capturing the innocence of children, the wonder of our world, the goodness of a benevolent God. Portraying a swift and sure collapse of what once was beautiful and precious, this third story entails conflict; yet, all’s not lost. The story ends with hope and promise, good prevailing, so that soul deep each hearer hears: “Nothing has changed. Within ourselves we hold the keys to mystery, wonder, and love.” The message is simple, yet as profound and as powerful as these three words: “You are loved.”

I’ve been given many stories, and more all the time. Many are simply for laughing and paying tribute to the strength and the love lying within us all. Perhaps there will be a time when you will want to use me.

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The Time Is Right for Story

Mack Vann